How Mediation Works

Step 1 – Contact your local Mediation Service or Citizens Advice Bureau.
Step 2 – With your permission, Mediators visit both parties to listen to their concerns and answer questions about Mediation.
Step 3 – With everyone willing, a mediation session is set up at a venue provided by the Mediation Service.
Step 4 РThe mediation session aims to reach an amicable solution, which is agreeable to all parties.
Step 5 – The Mediation Service provides continued support if required.

Why Use Mediation?

Mediators are Impartial
They do not take sides.

This process is CONFIDENTIAL
All sessions are conducted in private and any information given during the process is regarded as strictly confidential.

You can withdraw at any time during the process and nothing is done without your permission.

Services are INDEPENDENT
They have no legal powers and are independent of the Police, local council or any other authority. They work to the standards and guidlines laid down by their national body, Mediation UK.

The service is FREE

In Community Mediation, the solution is yours.

Mediators do not take sides, or make decisions about who is right or wrong
There is no agreement until those involved are satisfied.
Agreements made through mediation are effective, because the people involved truly want them to work.
The service is completely free and confidential.

Mediation Works, why not give it a try?