West Surrey Mediation Service

West Surrey Mediation Service is run by volunteers to assist residents in finding resolutions to their disputes. It is a registered charity (No 1060729), funded by grants from Surrey Police, Guildford Borough Council, Woking Borough Council and other organisations who sometimes refer cases. Referrals are mainly received from  Surrey Police, Housing Associations and other agencies. Some cases are referred directly by residents in dispute and are called Self Referrals.

Mediators do not resolve disputes but help residents to resolve the dispute themselves. The service is independent, impartial and free to parties in dispute.

West Surrey Mediation Service was established to attempt to resolve resident disputes without the expense and trauma of going to court.

The primary geographical area of operation is Guildford, Woking and Surrey Heath. The service area of operation is mostly disputes between neighbours.

The service provides face to face mediation and on the odd occasion shuttle mediation.  If the Mediators are involved early enough, the service can help prevent many disputes escalating in seriousness.

All mediators must complete a recognised training course paid for by the service, and receive on-going in house training. The mediators are given cases by a coordinator and work in pairs, reporting back the progress and conclusion of their case.